ROOTS: New Cover by Jesse Draxler

This June, "laLettura" is proud to introduce a significant new addition to the Corriere Art Collection with the unveiling of its latest cover by Jesse Draxler, "ROOTS".

"ROOTS" serves as both a continuation and a departure, marking a profound critique of the visual and consumerist culture that saturates modern society. Created specifically for "laLettura", Draxler's cover art offers a provocative exploration of reflection and critique through his masterful collage technique that layers images drawn from contemporary media.

The physical issue will be available at newsstands nationswide beginning Sunday, June 9th. Following closely, the edition including the collectible digital version of the cover — complete with a digital certificate of authenticity upon redemption — will be released on Tuesday, June 11th.

Jesse Draxler’s Impact on Visual Culture

Jesse Draxler is a cult-status creative whose influence has been felt far and wide throughout the digital arts space since the advent of Tumblr.

As a singular and innovative creator Draxler has threaded his brand of fractured stoicism through the pillars of culture working thoroughly with the fashion and music industries as well regular illustrative contributions to major publications. All while maintaining a staggering studio practice, regularly exhibiting, and amassing dedicated collectors and die-hard fans in spaces both online and off, around the globe. This profound engagement with diverse artistic mediums reflects Draxler’s deep understanding of the visual language and its power to influence culture. His art is not just seen; it is experienced. It challenges viewers to decipher layers of meaning, inviting them to a dialogue that transcends traditional lines of artistic expression. Draxler's work, characterized by a bold black and white monochromatic palette, makes use of contrasts as a narrative tool, exploring themes of isolation, identity, and the human condition.

Throughout the years, Draxler has made an impact across the realms of fashion and music, blending visual art with commercial aesthetics to create iconic images that resonate well beyond their initial context. His collaborations with high-profile brands are the result of a merger of visions, each project building upon his reputation as someone who redefines norms and expectations.

Draxler's commitment to maximizing the possibilities of artistic expression is equally evident in his approach to technology. By embracing digital mediums, he expands the scope of his practice, further defining how his art is consumed and perceived — a digital fluency which allows him to manipulate the very fabric of visual communication, making each piece a singular encounter with the viewer.

His new cover for Corriere Art Collection titled "ROOTS" exemplifies this evolving artistic journey: here, Draxler continues to explore the interplay between culture and consumerism, using his signature style to critique and dissect the pervasive influence of media on personal and collective identity.

Beyond Appearances: ROOTS

This evolving artistic journey sets the stage for Gianluigi Colin’s insight. As Art Director at Corriere della Sera, Colin delves deeper into the conceptual layers of 'ROOTS', reflecting on how Draxler’s work compels us to rethink our visual and cultural perceptions.

“Drawing from the lessons of the Avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century, Jesse Draxler has specifically created one of his renowned collages for 'laLettura': here, we observe the body of a female figure where, through a play of mirrors, the detailed features of a woman’s face emerge. Yet, the whole composition, crafted from images drawn from the media and advertising sectors, is bound by symbolic chains, subtly emphasizing a critique of consumerist culture. Notably, Jesse Draxler, born in Freedom, Wisconsin on January 4, 1982, has always worked with the concepts of perception, urging viewers to attain a new awareness of the power of images and, most importantly, to contemplate the essence of reality beyond mere appearances. Jesse Draxler is a versatile artist: acclaimed for his pioneering use of certain technologies in the production of his works (our cover will also be available from Tuesday with a digital certificate of authenticity), he is also known for his collaborations across the realms of music, fashion, and design. In a dystopian narrative rendered strictly in black and white, Jesse Draxler explores the unconscious associations that govern our understanding of reality, and consequently, of life.”

__Gianluigi Colin, Art Director at Corriere della Sera