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17 Feb 2024, 05:00
Discover Verba Mundi: New Cover by Andrea Bonaceto
In the wake of the Corriere Art Collection's relaunch at the end of 2023, a new chapter unfolds with Andrea Bonaceto's "Verba Mundi" on this month's special edition cover of la Lettura #638.
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26 Nov 2023, 10:26
Franco Mussida's First Multimedia Cover
The relaunch begins with Franco Mussida's "Siamo ciò che sentiamo". His cover, a harmonious blend of visual art and music, offers a multi-sensory experience...
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07 Nov 2023, 15:35
Luigi Serafini's Surreal Travels
With “Niente di troppo” (Nothing Too Much), Luigi Serafini casts a surreal spell on the cover of La Lettura #13.
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07 Nov 2023, 15:31
Emilio Isgrò's Visual Poetry on La Lettura
In 2022 la Lettura, launched a unique digital initiative transforming artist-designed covers into NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).
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20 Oct 2023, 06:59
Diango Hernández's NFT Cover for la Lettura
"Silencio," a mesmerizing piece by Diango Hernández, once adorned the pages as cover #540 for La Lettura. In 2023 this captivating artwork took on a new life, reborn in an exclusive NFT cover release.
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