About Us


In the landscape of Italian publishing, "Corriere della Sera" stands out not only as one of the most authoritative journalistic voices but also as a pioneer in the exploration of digital art. Our venture into this groundbreaking art world began on September 23, 2021, as we became the first Italian newspaper to step into the digital art scene.This journey started with the reimagining of the historic front page from July 21, 1969, which immortalized the unforgettable moon landing of Apollo 11. Thanks to artist Andrea Bonaceto, a pioneer in crypto art, this page was masterfully transformed into an NFT (non-fungible token).


With the Art Collection initiative, Corriere della Sera pioneers the fusion of traditional and digital art, partnering with renowned artists for digital creations. Central to this endeavor is our homage to "la Lettura".Its covers, each crafted by a distinct artist, serve as reflections of our time, embodying contemporary sentiments and stories. These artworks, along with new-age digital art, are now preserved and authenticated via blockchain, embodying the union of art's timeless spirit with modern innovation.