Franco Mussida's First Multimedia Cover

Corriere Art Collection Celebrates its Relaunch with Franco Mussida

In continuation of the successful launch last year with Emilio Isgrò’s captivating la Lettura cover, followed by those of artists including Diango Hernández and Luigi Serafini, on November 28th 2023 Corriere della Sera proudly presents the relaunch of 'Corriere Art Collection' — an eclectic collection of digital covers reflecting the spirit of our times.

The relaunch begins with Franco Mussida's "Siamo ciò che sentiamo". His cover, a harmonious blend of visual art and music, offers a multi-sensory experience that aligns perfectly with the collection's objective to explore new forms of artistic expression.

Franco Mussida: A Visionary at the Confluence of Art and Music

Franco Mussida, born in Milan in 1947, is an artist who has seamlessly blended the worlds of music and visual art, establishing himself as a unique figure in both fields. His journey began at the tender age of seven when he clandestinely learned to play the guitar, a pursuit that would shape his artistic trajectory. By the age of 17, Mussida was already making his mark in the Italian music scene, performing with notable artists like Gian Pieretti and Riky Gianco's Grifoni which then became Quelli, of which he was a founding member.

His musical evolution continued as he co-founded the iconic band Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) in 1970, which achieved international acclaim. Mussida's role in PFM was pivotal; he was not only instrumental in producing several of the band’s albums but also contributed significantly to the band's musical repertoire with songs like 'Impressioni di Settembre' and 'La carrozza di Hans.' His collaboration with musicians like Lucio Battisti and Fabrizio De Andrè, particularly on the album 'La Buona novella,' further cemented his status in the Italian music industry. After decades of success with PFM, Mussida left the band in 2015, leaving behind a rich legacy of musical innovation.

Apart from his musical achievements, Mussida has been a prominent figure in music education. In 1984, he co-founded the CPM Music Institute, one of Italy's most respected music schools, dedicating himself to unraveling the mystery of music's emotional impact. His work in this field is not confined to traditional educational settings; he has taken his teachings to prisons and community centers, believing in the transformative power of music in all environments.

Mussida's transition into the field of visual arts began in 2011, when he started to explore the visual representation of musical codes and their relationship with human emotions. This journey has since then led to numerous exhibitions and experiential installations, both in Italy and internationally. His understanding of how music and emotions interact is not just evident in his visual art but also in his recent book and album, "Il Pianeta della Musica."

Franco Mussida's Cover: "Siamo ciò che sentiamo"

Franco Mussida inaugurates the 'Corriere Art Collection' with his artwork "Siamo ciò che sentiamo" (We are what we feel). As part of a series of contributions by various artists, his piece, interweaving visual art with music, perfectly illustrates the innovative essence that this collection strives to present.This cover art, featuring a stylized human figure set against a calming blue backdrop, symbolizes the intricate relationship between humans and the universe, a theme that resonates deeply in Mussida's work.

The uniqueness of this cover lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its incorporation of a QR Code within every special la Lettura issue — released once a month in its physical format at local newsstands — which links to both a collectible art cover and an exclusive musical composition by Mussida. This piece, "Nuovi orizzonti del cuore" (New Horizons of the Heart), is a poignant composition for baritone guitar and synthesizers, lasting four minutes and forty-five seconds. In this piece, an artistic reinterpretation of a composition originally crafted in San Vittore prison, Mussida achieves more than just a musical expression; he captures the profound yearning for solace inherent to such challenging environments. Furthermore, the music eloquently mirrors the emotional states of the San Vittore inmates, serving as a vivid representation of their inner lives. This work not only reflects Mussida's enduring commitment to exploring and articulating the deep emotional power of music but also highlights his sensitivity to the experiences and sentiments of individuals in distressing situations. The music, akin to a secular prayer, embodies a deep sense of hope and introspection, reflecting the tumultuous nature of contemporary times.

Mussida's approach to this cover is a testament to his artistic versatility and his ability to create a seamless blend of different art forms. In a broader sense, this cover signifies a step forward in the exploration of multimedia art. It highlights the collection's commitment to embracing innovative art forms that combine traditional artistic expressions with modern technological advancements. The result is a deeply immersive experience that challenges the audience to perceive art in a new light, where visual and auditory elements coalesce to form a more profound and impactful narrative.

This special physical issue of la Lettura featuring the collectible cover art of Franco Mussida will available at newsstands for a month — starting from November 28th,2023 — with the option to redeem the related digital artwork within the same period.