Diango Hernández's NFT Cover for la Lettura

Silencio Uncovered: Diango Hernández's NFT Cover for la Lettura

"Silencio," a mesmerizing piece by Diango Hernández, once adorned the pages as cover #540 for La Lettura. In 2023 this captivating artwork took on a new life, reborn in an exclusive NFT cover release.

Diving into the essence of this artwork, one encounters the tranquil nature of water. It unfolds a realm where fluidity isn't just a physical state but also a profound mirror reflecting our deepest existential contemplations.

Unveiling Silencio: A Whisper of Water's Essence

On the cover of La Lettura, “Silencio” by Diango Hernández emerges as a silent messenger of his captivating visual lexicon. This piece, akin to a quiet prelude, orchestrates the onset of an immersive dive into Hernández's distinct artistic world, where water burgeons as a potent, evocative theme.

Beneath the veil of water, the face of a woman appears, carrying with it the idea of purification of the gaze - a metaphor that resonates with Eugenio Montale's words, "Water is the force that tempers you, in water you find yourself and renew yourself."

Traversing Olaísmo: A Fluid Narrative

“Silencio” was a part of the Olaísmo exhibition in 2021 at the Federico Luger Gallery in Milan, an ensemble of twelve oil paintings and two polychrome metal sculptures, encapsulating Hernández's remarkable artistic acumen. This collection, unified by a semi-transparent element reminiscent of the corrugated glass of his Düsseldorf apartment's door, morphed the perception of reality into a rich tapestry of blurred and textured imagery. This artistic venture reflects Hernández's recent life experiences, marked by introspective confinement and a soulful reconnection with his Cuban roots, rendering a magically altered version of reality.

Nostalgia and Homeward Ruminations

In the midst of a global backdrop of seclusion during the Covid-19 pandemic, this collection of artworks was birthed, delving into the intricate realms of home and memory. The echo of distant Havana street sounds and the sight of the powerful winter sea clashing against the Malecón wall resonate throughout his works. These evocative elements blend with the delicate spray of the Havana sea, offering a metaphorical wavy glass through which Hernández contemplates the world, its opacity, and translucence artistically captured in his paintings and sculptures.

The NFT Cover #540: A Tangible Whisper of Silencio

The NFT of the “Silencio” cover #540, limited to 99 copies, bridges the digital and tangible realms. Every purchase included a Fine Art print on high-quality Hahnemühle Torchon paper, 285 grams, Digigraphie certified, and signed by the artist. As with Hernández's artistic narrative, this mix of digital and physical forms invited exploration into the boundless landscapes of thought and creativity.

Ultimately, with Silencio, Diango Hernández whispers a lyrical narrative on La Lettura’s cover, weaving a fluid dialogue between the past and present, the here and there, the tangible and the ethereal. Through the veil of water, he invites a gentle, introspective gaze into the depths of human experience and the transient essence of reality.

Diango Hernández's International Sojourn as an Artist

Hernández’s global artistic journey, initiated in Cuba in 1994, traversed through design realms before making a transition to Europe in 2003. His life, oscillating between Düsseldorf and Havana, is mirrored in his works displayed on various esteemed international platforms, from Kunsthalle in Basel to the Hayward Gallery in London, and the Venice and Liverpool Biennales. With a substantial portion of his impactful artworks housed in institutions like MoMA in New York and the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Hernández's narrative underlines a significant contribution to contemporary art.